Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Wondered How I would Be~

A Few Days Ago

Yesterday you were my baby and today you are my Kindergartner.  What a milestone and what accomplishments you've made, we've made over the past several years.  You impressed me this morning. With excitement (and a little nerves) we walked together to school. You allowed me to be a crazed mama paparazzi to capture moments we will never get back and you did it all with a smile! This morning was fun, together we got ready for a day of firsts, and together we walked to school, together we completed the scavenger hunt your teacher provided us and together we both nervously, and lovingly said goodbye! It is amazing the you that I witnessed this morning compared to the you that I saw two years ago when you first entered preschool. Such growth you have made.  You  owned it today and I couldn't be more proud!

Celebrate the Small Stuff

Secretly as we walked together to school I  thought about what it would be like several years from now when you would be a middle school student and I smiled when you grabbed my hand as we walked.  I am sure there will come a time when that won't happen anymore (or without a fuss). I enjoyed the conversation about Fall we were having and watching the acorn nut roll down the hill and the references you made to Ice Age the movies.  I enjoyed the long hugs and kisses as I said goodbye and enjoyed watching you at your table group reading your book after completing your tasks and chatting it up! I remember when you used to hide behind my legs and grab them not wanting me to leave.  You have made it your own!  I love that you get excited when you greet your friends and that you are okay with change when some friends are in different classes or schools all together.  I will always cherish the running hugs at the end of my day when I walk into the house and enjoy the conversation about your day... (even when you state you don't remember).

Life is Good

Today was your first day of Kindergarten.  As you dawned your back pack your almost two year old brother wanted to be just like you he grabbed your small backpack and put it on.  You are a role model to him, he definitely looks up to you.  Thank you for giving him hugs and a lot of love as we left for your new adventure this morning! It will be a different time for me when he goes to school. Ah life is good.

Let's not forget that this milestone, yes is yours, but is also your parents.   It is amazing how much time I spent thinking about you today, wondering what you were doing, if you were okay and enjoying yourself.  I was saddened when I left your school this morning. I wanted to stay and peek through the window (I promised myself that I would never embarrass you so I didn't).  I thought about you while I drove to work and shared the many pictures of you with you father. I wondered what your father was thinking (sharing his birthday with your first day) while being at work. I couldn't feel more blessed to be your mother and share in your maturation and growth in the past several years.  I sent a quick note to your preschool teacher thanking her for her support and looked forward to meeting up with you this afternoon after my work day.  Boy did the day go by fast!  I hope life slows down a little bit for both you and I to enjoy these small but significant moments and yes I hope to capture as much of it with photos as I possibly can. 


You have an awesome team of teachers that will work with you this year and I am most excited about what lies ahead.  I can only imagine who you will become and the wonderful ideas that you will share with us in the future!

I am okay! I am just fine! I am a proud mother. You are great and may this school year be a wonderful one full of new learning adventures!

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