Monday, September 9, 2013

Run Run as Fast as you Can!


I have less than a week to prepare for my very first 5K run/walk! I am a bit nervous, not sure what to expect but have enjoyed getting out in the heat of the day in God's country to run! Yesterday I ran a few miles in the town in which I live and today I ran 2.76 miles of the route I will be running on Saturday during O'Fest.  My legs are burning, I am stretching, and realizing the value of hydration! I am also figuring out things like: how I want to wear my hair, what shorts are the most comfortable, and of course what music to listen to!

Sing a Song

Music is super important for me to keep a decent pace.  Today I grabbed my husband's iPod and played whatever he had there but I realized the music was too slow! I needed more motivation. I am sure I have pinned a website for play lists for 5K, 10K and Marathons  (NOTE TO SELF DOWNLOAD TODAY).  What music helps you maintain motivation for run?

I have never been a distance runner, more like sprints. Loved to sprint, which was a super helpful skill to have during softball season! But now it seems like therapy to run through neighborhoods, hops fields and near the Mt. Angel Abbey! It is beautiful and helps me slow down and smell the roses.  I am enjoying building endurance which each day. A little bit farther, a little longer of a time and eventually to completion.


Saturday will be my first 5K that I will complete. I am realistic about what goals I am setting. I am not worried about my competitive nature I am putting that aside and focusing on a few things.
  1. Finishing!
  2. Enjoying time with friends
  3. Getting the feel for where my weaknesses are for improvement
  4. Using this 5K as training for my Color Vibe run!

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