Monday, September 9, 2013

Pinterest Hatred, Why You Got to Be that Way?

Most people that know me, know that I LOVE to PINTEREST!  I just took a look at my Pinterest account and the number of followers I have are 576 and the number of pins I have made is over 6500 on to 68 different boards!  Crazy!  I wonder what the most repined  "pin" that I have posted is? 

This past school auction in April of 2013 I donated a Pinterest party! What is that you say?  It is different than joining a link party online and pinned, it was a party that someone bought at the auction where I would come and teach how to make a project I found on Pinterest.  The person who bought this party turned it into a Football Mom's Burlap Wreath making party. She provided wine, hordeurve's and some supplies! I provided supplies, instruction and time.  What a fabulous party. Pinterest was our go to for inspiration! Fun was had by all!
Why Knock It~
I have read several articles written by people who knock mom's who Pinterest. I have wondered why that is. I will not apologize for having creative interests. I will not apologize for sharing on FB and Pinterest my latest photographs of my kids first day of school.
Or of the latest party that I hosted.
Build a Library Baby Shower 2012

Fourth of July

Fourth of July Pie Pops

Sock Monkey First Birthday Party

Lego 5th Birthday Party
Nor will I gripe about those parents/ individuals who aren't creative, Pinterest or share their stories on FB.  I accept you just as you are.  Please don't knock my likes, my creativity or my hobbies.   So when you post your articles and your statements about what "real" mom's do with your PJ's to the bus stop, the "I'm barely lucky to get my kids fed" statements, I am happy for you!  It is a quite a feat to balance all of what life throws at you when you are a working mom, a stay at home mom, with kids whom you have responsibility for and to help take care of them, believe me I know! I am a real mom with real Pinteresting abilities (not all but some) and I take pride in the fact that I enjoy time with my kids, that I am organized and that I have hobbies I love to do.  And with that....


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