Monday, September 30, 2013

Mommy Blogger? How Do You Know?

The Definition~

Who would have thought many years ago when I was a student in the second or third grade around the time when the latest technology was an Apple IIe Computer and internet wasn't quite invented yet that there would be a phrase/title or occupation called "Mommy Blogger" or that there even would be a venue for publications almost like an online diary and for that matter any social media networking.  Today those terms are used all of the time and have changed the way in which we "do" things.  From advertising, writing in a diary, being earth friendly, what occupation we join to much, much more, our way of life is so vastly different from when I was a kiddo!

Wow as I reflect upon what I just wrote I feel kind of old.  Recently I read a blog post that when viral that shared in letter format how one mother is raising her boys to follow a moral compass.  Because of social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace (which seems obsolete since FB has taken over by storm)  or the many others (Pinterest, Linked In etc.) that the way in which we taught morals, values and manners have to be revisited.  These sites make it super easy to put something out there we all think to be cool, but sometimes we forget the repercussions of our actions.  Our way of life has changed and will continue to on a daily basis.  There will be new words, new language (texting) and many more ways to utilize the digital world. 

So how do you know if you have become a Mommy Blogger? What is that definition?  How do you know if you want to be a Mommy Blogger?  So I have thought about this for a while. I have thought about how my sister and her friend share a blog and have created a platform for their voice and their interests. Check it out "Good Luck with That" is the title of their blog.  Both she and her friend are mothers, and they both share a blog! That is the simplest definition of being a Mommy Blogger that I know of.  I am sure there might be some bloggers out there that might disagree. They don't get paid money or make money off of their blog (that I know of at this time).  There are also those bloggers out there that blog about their crafts, their interests and have become professional Mommy Bloggers. They go to blogging conferences, make money, network, link up to other vendors, provide giveaways etc.  Each has their own niche.  For example there is a friend of ours who's wife wrote a published a couple vegan cook books who also blogs about her cooking ideas and family. That's her niche.  Check that blog out!

So these are just a few Mommy Bloggers out there.  I am a full time working mother, who loves to craft, spends time on Pinterest, loves to plan/host parties, is an educator and much, much more.  I am not sure that I have completely found my niche yet in blogging but I continue to learn and grow and morph with these interests.  I also know that I have to balance my time with all this digital stuff with my family and my desire to put them first as well as my own work and hobbies.  So I consider myself a Mommy Blogger.  Will I ever be able to do this for dollars? I don't know, but it sure would be interesting to see how to get there (if I ever do).

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