Friday, September 13, 2013

Pre- 5K What?

Tonight is the night before I have to wake up on a Saturday early am like I would be going to work in order to make it to Mt. Angel and pick up my registration packet and bib for the Oktoberfest 5K run/walk.  

I plan to run the majority of it and feel pretty good that the last few early mornings have had fog until around Noon.  So it should be comfortable running time (as opposed to the 95 + weather we wogged in the other day!)  I am excited to have my family cheer me on and meet me at the end! It will be something to look forward to! I can feel my competitive nature coming out tonight as I begin to focus.

So here is to doing something new tomorrow. To life changes and to marking something off the bucket list.  I have heard that once you do something like this you get hooked! Well I hope to. I hope to get hooked to running, distance running that is.  I have always loved to sprint but not necessarily distance.  So here's to Oktoberfest, health and fitness!

See you in the Biergarten or Wiengarten after the run! 
What life changes will you make?  What is on your bucket list?  Share....

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