Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Always have a Plan B


I just hate it when you are planning something... A party, event or what have you and something goes awry.  It is always important to have alternative plans ready to go. When planning and helping to make your vision come to fruition you must always know what you are willing to let go and what you are not. for example you might have wanted one activity really badly but couldn't buy it (exceeded budget, not available, or could find it) so you have to always think about why the next best thing is that you can make happen but still reach your intended vision come true.

I was reminded of this as I am currently planning and prepping for a preschool end of the year party. YES I am one of those moms and proud of it.  I don't get to volunteer too much during the school day due to my own full time job so the next best thing for me is to make wonderful memories through planned activities and one of those this year is the end of the year party.  Not only to THANK the teacher and teacher assistant for a wonderful school year in which my son and all kids in the class have grown tremendously but to spend time with the kids and connect with their parents in a relaxed environment. 


Plan B

I had envisioned a bounce house as one of the outdoor activities to keep the 18 or so kids engaged outside. I knew of two people who had one and asked each of them to borrow them.  One was broken (bummer) the other I got an okay until their plans changed.  So I made quick work using my social media ties (friends on FB) asking for help and used the Internet to google local shops.  I was now looking to purchase a bounce house (yes I could use one) or rent one for the day (for a reasonable price).  This is only a preschool party you know. 

My husband was great and secured one for me (the kids know nothing about it) and we were back on.  Now I am just watching the weather forecasts and have succumbed to the idea that I will be happy with overcast cloudy weather.  JUST NOT RAIN. 


On a planning note, it is always good to have a second plan (plan a and plan b) so that if something occurs you can move quickly to make it work.  MAKE IT WORK and don't stress out. Parties are supposed to be fun. There is no sense in having the host stress out because that is no fun. 

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