Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Vibrant Yellows

I love the color yellow, it is bright, full of light and often makes me happy! The color yellow is clean, can be crisp and inviting. There are softer yellows, darker deep yellows and shades in between. Well yellow is also today's color for the one word a day challenge put on by Shutter Sisters. I have been participating in this challenge using both my Nikon D90 camera and variety of lenses as well as my Android camera on my phone with Instagram.  

Here is the first shot of color posted to my Instagram.  I love calla Lilly's!  These happened to be at the local Safeway (for sale) as I picked up a morning cup of joe! Even better below are some yellow sunflowers I stumbled upon at a local farmers market. 

Not Just Flowers

Funny how yellow has been depicted by taking pictures of flowers. I seem to have that theme throughout this particular one word a day challenge with Shutter Sisters. I am on the lookout for more yellow things, items, places, anything other than flowers.  This is what I found.

A local fire department has a yellow ladder truck. Today it was spiffed up and looking super shiny. Too bad it is supposed to rain again soon.  Here is my son's yellow shirt!  He is posing on a local covered bridge at a nearby park. So glad he didn't fall in!

Oh yeah and we once bred our yellow female lab with another yellow male lab and had many yellow labs around.  Aren't they adorable. She was a great mother for sure. Still hangs out with some of her pups but they are a few years old now. 

So that is what I came up with for #sscolormonth YELLOW as today's theme! Just in case you were not aware the first two photos were taken with my Android phone and posted to Instagram the last several photos were taken with my Nikon D90 and stock lens. Let me know what you think about the color yellow and of course my photos, leave a comment on my blog.

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