Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Goodbye First Year of Preschool~

A Year of Firsts

I remember blogging about the first day of school not so long ago. Wow where did the time go? From the beginning I knew great things would happen for my son. He would soon be experiencing new friends, new curriculum, teachers, having substitutes and learning tons.  I was hopeful that some of the issues we were having with his shyness would dissipate with attending five full days of school and that we would see maturation.  I  remember the first day, when my husband and I got the kids ready, took pictures, and walked together to school a few short blocks away from our home. I remember how proud, anxious and happy we were as parents for what might be in store for him.  I remember how teary eyed both my husband and I were as we left the classroom and how we wondered what his first day was like.  Was he happy, enjoying time there, was he sitting in a corner away from others or was he making friends?  Did he like his lunch that we packed for him?  Did he follow directions?  So many questions, thoughts and feelings we felt that day and now as I am preparing for his final day of preschool I have a crazy amount of new feelings and questions.

What will next year be like?  Only a few of the friends that he has made are remaining in his class next year (one more year before entering Kindergarten).  Many of his closest friends are moving on. He will still get to see them occasionally in the hallway or at all school functions or play dates as we would set those up but it would not be the same.  We have been prepping him for that change. But he so wants to be a Kindergartner next year with them.  Then again maybe, next year will be better than this year.  Maybe having one year under his belt he will not begin with such a shy exterior. He will know his teacher already, and has a great relationship with her, he knows her routine, he knows the classroom and location and he knows her expectations.  He knows some letters already and is recognizing words, he is reading stories and proud to share his knew knowledge. I can only hope that this will be the case.


This year has proven to be a year of new things for our first born.  He has moved from one home to another. He has stopped day care and began formal schooling. He welcomed into our family a new brother and has demonstrated love and affection for him.   He has learned new routines, new names and faces of friends, and has learned so much about God, Catholic Faith, and speaks of it routinely.  He has even grown physically out of his 3T size clothing and into 4T, he has gained weight and height. He has overcome some of his shyness as well. It only took him three quarters of a year to say hello to his Principal.  Now he does this routinely.  He writes his first name, knows his address, family members, recognizes words, follows routines and directions, expresses empathy and much much more. His drawings went from simple scribbles to more recognizable animals and people. Even in activities outside of school, our son has improved and developed. During swim lessons he is ready to move on to the next level. He is no longer shy with his teachers there and is not afraid of trying. He surprises us with what he says from time to time. He is putting it all together and then some. 

The Eve of the Last Day

Tonight marks the evening prior to the last full day of preschool 2012.  To mark this occasion I have collected all of my son's preschool work and am placing it all over the house to show him all the things that he has accomplished and to help him celebrate by honoring his work.   His many water color paintings, his drawings, the special book related projects, his handwriting, and journals as well as the many special projects he has made for his father and I are being proudly displayed for all to view in the morning.

Wow, I am flabbergasted by all of the work he has done! I am impressed with what he has learned! I am proud of him and love him so much.  I am also spending some time to share with him in a letter that he will read later on in life what this year has meant for me as a mother, what I am most proud of him for, and to continue to encourage him to do and be anything he wants to be.  (I hope I get some sleep!)

Morning Will Come

It is true that morning will inevitably arrive and we will complete our morning routine, getting up, laying on the couch watching Baby Einsteins or WildKratts, eating something for breakfast, getting dressed and oh yeah this morning we will add in our photo opt.  Just like the first day of school we took a picture we will be taking a picture of the last day of school. It will be interesting to see the amount of physical maturity that can be seen with these two photographs.  I will relish in the last moments of taking him to school in the morning and watching him walk down the hallway by himself (he often does this now, he really doesn't want his mother walking him to class he is a big boy) and seeing him for the last time this year enter the classroom and complete his morning routine there.  Every morning I drop him off he gives me a big  hug and kiss! I will look forward to this as those are the moments I cherish. 

I know he is excited as am I in some ways.  I am happy that he is growing up, using his manners with others, becoming knowledgeable and loving life. Here's to the end of your first preschool year! It has been a wild ride and we love you!

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