Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Fun Party

End of the first Preschool Year!

To my surprise this school year has flown by filled with lots of new experiences and memories. This weekend was the last weekend before the last three days of school and it was filled with lots of parties to attend. We started the weekend off with throwing our sons entire preschool class and their families an end of the year summer party!  His class has a total of 18 students oddly enough they are split in half by gender 9 boys and 9 girls. I spoke to his teacher a while ago and she had mentioned that this class and school year was one of the best she has ever had.

Over this year we've been fortunate to get to know several of the parents and their students well. I volunteered to complete the auction project for the class which I blogged about prior to this one. I have been impressed with the level of education our son is receiving and the community that we are now becoming more and more involved in. This party was a party to welcome summer, spend time with the kids and connect with parents. It was also to honor the teacher and teacher's assistant for the wonderful work they have done with our kids.

Party Plan

The party included a BBQ, being your own side dish, summer bubbles, bounce house, beach balls and talking.  The kids played hard! The decor was outfitted with bright colored table cloths, colors lanterns, free printables thanks to Creative Party Ideas by Cheryl  and many colored bins and tins to hold things in on the island and tables.  I even used ideas from Pinterest (love me some Pinterest)!  

Each of the parents donated items or money to provide the teacher and her assistant with a gift basket which really was a cute ice cooler bag filled with cute relaxing items. We gave books, movie popcorn, snacks, drinks, gift certificates, drink cups, candles, and more to our lovely teacher and assistant.  They really enjoyed the party and the gifts.

As a parting gift for the kids in my son's class I created a sand bucket list and bought a mini gift bag from Michaels that was filled with a coloring book, crayons and stickers (DISNEY themed) and they were a hit! 

It was great to get to know the parents a bit more and  to learn about what they do and who they are. I was thanked over and over for pulling this together and even told by one parent that no one had ever done this before (she has had several students go through this schools preschool program and on through the upper grades) and that she felt a greater sense of community since most of these folks' kids would be in the same class next year (and hopefully years to come)! I felt good about it.

Ice cream cone cupcakes were the hit of the party too! Kids loved them. They were easy to make however, I will say I made my own tin to hold them up while baking and it really didn't work too well. I noticed on the side of the ice cream cone box an order form for a pan that is made for these creations. Only $19.95 to spend it might just save you a head ache.  I think I will invest in one at least.

Got this idea from Pinterest. Waffle cone bowls to put your fruit salad in. Everyone loved it and it looked super cute. Not to mention no clean up you just eat your bowl and throw away the plastic ware.

 Also used the idea of freezing water balloons to use as cute ice balloons in bins. Worked like a dream. I think next time I will get regular sized balloons so I don't have to make as many.  Below are lanterns and table cloths that I purchased from Target.

I always rate my success of a party to the level of stress that I feel throughout the party. I felt almost no stress. It was a fun party, it was relaxing, and the kids enjoyed it! SUCCESS for sure. It will be a tradition not sure on what scale the tradition will be in terms of size or grandeur but it will be a tradition to host an end of the year something for my kids.  My way of supporting their friendships, education and teachers! Thank you to Mrs. Schumacher and Mrs. Dickey for a wonderful year! Can't wait to see you next year!

And with that my son's first year of preschool is almost over.  A few things planned for the last day of school to celebrate his year of learning! More on thank later!

On a different note: I think I got roped into being CO-Chair of our schools Auction for next year.  Oh something to plan and keep this working mom busy!

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