Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June Color Month~


So if you haven't read in one of my recent posts, I am joining in the competition of photographing color each day that has been designated by my friends at Shutter Sisters. I have posted three photos already.  The cool part about this competition is that you can enter as many photos as you would like for that particular color. I find myself carting my camera bag around in the car and looking for colors on my drive to and from work. I look to nature a lot. But I am very interested in daily items, signs etc.  

I have the opportunity to purchase a few lenses from a friend of my husbands. I get to try them out. Can't wait. Currently I use my Nikon D90 camera and have been playing with settings, lighting, focusing etc. These two new lenses will be fun to explore for sure.  

Day One

The first day of the challenge was red.  I love, I mean L.O.V.E. love the color red.  I also happen to love Lady Bugs (a long story for those of you who don't already have background knowledge).  So this is what I photographed. I cheated a bit on this one and used my android camera on my phone.  

I have tacks at work on my cork board that are lady bugs. So I placed them in a heart shape and wallah here is my love of lady bugs and the color red.  I entered this one and have had great responses from followers of my Instagram photos.

Day Two

Today's color was Magenta.  Hmm I already knew when I awoke what photo's I would shoot. I carted my camera in the car but when I returned home I noticed there was a lull in the rain and snapped these photos with my Nikon D90 setting A (Aperture) can't remember the shutter speed etc.  I used my long lens and focused closely!  

This is a photograph of a tea rose located near my bedroom window of our home! Love this.   So majestic and full of color. Similarly the one below this photo is of a plant I never heard of until I moved to this house over one year ago.  It blooms each year in the spring!

I wanted to only focus on the petals of the flower, blurring everything in the background. This is a delicate flower with very hardy leaves.

So far so good! Love the colors each day. Looking forward to tomorrow's colors and sharing my new photographs with you all, Shutter Sisters and Epiphanie as well.  

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