Friday, June 8, 2012


 This morning I took photos in the rain before going to work. I shot a few photos in the house of things that I could find that was the color orange.  You can certainly tell that I have kids.. (Goldfish!) Below is one of my favorite pictures of a flowering plant that is on the corner of my front yard.

 You can certainly tell it was raining! I left right before it poured too! Whew.  Then I looked at everything that was orange in my son's rooms, toys, photos, art work on the walls etc.  I have a ton of orange.  I must learn better lighting tricks with my camera because I was not impressed with what I was reviewing after all was said and done! I do much better with flowers and scenery as opposed to physical items especially when they are located inside.
I do however like the photo of these buckets (you will see more about what these pails are being used for in the next few days!)
Off I went to work again looking for the color of the day orange.  Tomorrow will be a bit difficult the color is called yellow orange and hmm that is pretty specific. We shall see what I come up with.  I am a bit tired because I have spent the late evenings working on prepping for the end of the year preschool party getting the house cleaned, making decorations and making sure I went shopping. Thank goodness for Costco right? I am simultaneously thinking about Father's day as well. Plans are around.  Glad to be busy (in a good sort of way!) Till the next time!


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    1. Thanks Alicia! It is amazing to see what all comes in the color orange. The next few days will be variations of the colors orange and yellow.