Monday, March 5, 2012

A Different Way of Spring Cleaning

My sister (Amy) wanted to know if I would do a challenge with her.. PROJECT SIMPLIFY.. Absolutely. This is the time of year that we all start to spring clean. I have been griping the last two posts about adding anything else into my already packed life and of course cleaning is something that tends to go by the way side (unless of course I have company.) Seriously though join me in this challenge (it is a month long) you never know it might just work for you and your busy life, increase the accountability and be something that you would institute all year long.

This month's hot spots:
  • Week of March 5th: Pantry
  • week of March 12th: Closest & Cabinets
  • Week of March 19th: Office
  • Week of March 26th: Kids stuff (clothing, toys & spaces)
 The before pictures of my pantry AHHH!

Each Monday I will post pictures of the "mess" and by Friday you should have a couple blog posts and the end results. That is a high expectation for me but I can take a week to work on one project. slowly but surely! Here goes! Thank you to my sister and to Project: Simplify 2012! Happy Cleaning.

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