Saturday, March 24, 2012

In the closet? (Week 3)

I spent much of my SNOW day in the closet! It was a great day to work on one of the two closets that is part of week 3 Project Simplify 2012 from I have been procrastinating lately, been really tired with lack of sleep and work and haven't even started. I was lucky to have a SNOW day! Although I will say having a snow day the day before you begin Spring Break is kind of a weird thing. So today was the day.  I decided I would enlist the help of my four year old who always wants to help me (or rather thinks that he is helping).

After playing in the snow, feeding my four month old and putting him down for his nap, Ty and I began the crazy huge chore of tackling my walk in closet. My husband and I have had this project in mind for a while now. A few months back (probably when I was on maternity leave) we frequented one of my favorite (but sometimes expensive) organizing stores... The Container Store.  We happened to find several canvas boxes with zipper lids on sale. They were the perfect size for our closet shelves. My husband has used one and left three remaining for me (I wonder why?).

Before I began this week I looked on Pinterest to see if there were any ideas I might end up using. I also read a few online articles about organizing closets. Most of what I learned were tricks that I used when working retail. Yes I spent some time working retail where most of my paycheck ending up paying for my clothing habits. I guess it was useful. But I also remember the "Denim" wall, how to fold T-Shirts, Jeans, and how to space your hangers with sleeves draped over. I remembered hanging clothing by colors, and sleeve length.  I think I have secretly hid all of those ideas away because it was at one time "work" for me and I am not getting paid to keep my "own" closet that organized.  It is time to change.

I began by clearing out all of my clothes (I left my husbands where they were at and will tackle his side another day). I had my son help make three different piles.  A pile of dry cleaner hangers (that we were going to purge), a pile of plastic hangers that we will use elsewhere in the house or get rid of, and a pile of clothes to go through.  My son was great help! He really got into it.

I got all of my clothes organized and hung, boxes used, and started taking stock of what else I will need to complete this project.  I counted the number of flip flops and sandals I had and remembered the idea I saw on pinterest about how to reuse old wire hangers and make shoe hangers.  This was my DIY project that I completed today.  I looked up the picture instructions and followed them. I did it! I created the basic version of this cute wire hanger for flip flops.
This is the basic format mine are better shaped now!

WOW how organized that made my closet and a great use of some of the wire hangers.  I have posted on my DIY links/resources page the link to that project which provides instructions.  I will make mine prettier another day! So the SNOW day was the day I accomplished a few things in this closet. I have a few more organizing things to do with my side and then I will tackle my husbands side.

Click here to see the before closet MESS.
Here are my AFTER pictures:

I will be finished with this closet today and hope to spend the other portion of my time in the second closet. Taking my time has enabled me to do a job that will help with maintaining in the future!

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