Friday, March 9, 2012

Hots Spot one Completed.. Check!

I can not tell you how excited I am to have  a clean and functioning pantry! Thank you Project Simplify for putting a little pressure to get by butt in gear and tackle some of the places in my home that I have been meaning to get organized.  This week I tackled the Pantry!

BEFORE:  Look at the mess. We had toys, party supplies, important papers, food items, opened but old food items and you name it in our Pantry. It was the "drawer" we all have that we just throw odds and ends into until one day we need to pull the "junk" out and get rid of it.  

I used to think good thing there is a pocket door to hide our stuff. Now not so much!

Here are some of the AFTER THE MESS pics!

WOW look how clean and organized this is compared to its original state blogged the other day! Again can't express my excitement and feelings of accomplishment. So once I completed my task which happened to be on Monday evening I thought to myself, what else could I do to fill my nightly time designated for this task? AND what else could I do to make this pantry "special", "cute" and something even better?  I turned to Pinterest for ideas.  Though my task with the Pantry is completed for the week. I have begun research what else I would like to do to make this "hot spot" even more organized.  

My next task with the Pantry is to print my own labels, decorate it with useful glass jars, get some bins and other functional items for storage and deck out the pantry. This will take more time and planning so that is why I have not completed that portion of the pantry (which I consider in-excess to the challenge).  More on that project when I complete it. So for week one of project simplify I have completed the Pantry! WE (my husband and I) L.O.V.E. love it!  Thanks to Simple Mom for the challenge.  On to next weeks challenge. I will blog more about that on Monday!


  1. Wow! SO organized! I wish that I had a pantry, unfortunately not in this old house :-) You can read about my project simplify week here

  2. Thanks Heather! I will check yours out as well. I have kids-stuff on my list as well but later in the month!