Monday, March 19, 2012

Really Week 3 Already?

I never win anything but winning a simple cookbook through Project Simplify Challenge 2012 has boosted my spirits, though I will say this weeks drawing takes the cake. I am sure I am out of the running for the desktop scanner (a bummer)!  However, I woke up this morning realizing that today was week three of my challenge to simplify my life! As I go through each week I feel better and better about the clutter around the house and have bigger and bigger ideas about maintaining what I have completed thus far! I am becoming more intentional with "things" and "time". 

This week I am tackling two closets! 1) My bedroom walk in closet that I use as my dressing area/storage for random things I hide from my kids :-)

What an utter and complete mess. My father would razz my husband from time to time about how clothes would be all over the floor when I was a kid. My excuse then was ... well I really didn't have an excuse Laughing Out Loud.  But both men (father and husband) would be proud that this week this is the closet I will tackle!.   Now I am setting the bar high.  I  have it in my mind to also work on the closet in the hallway, our coat closet/storage for things I don't have a place since we moved closet.  I am sure we all have one of those. 


Thank goodness it has been a crazy world of weather around our house, because it is forcing me to work on these things and not feel like I should tackle my yard yet.  Between hail, a ton of rain, snow in March and bits of rays of sun I am okay staying inside.  So here goes.. wish me luck on this weeks journey to a better more de-cluttered life.  Take the challenge yourself. It is not too late. Check out