Monday, March 12, 2012

Week Two What's New?

Well it is week two of Project Simplify 2012.  I originally stated that this week was Closets and Cabinets. I really had in mind getting my own closet in my bedroom under controll. However, I got to thinking and had so much fun with my Pantry last week that I would work on organizing the rest of my kitchen. I have a TON of cupboards! So those are the Cabinets I will be working on.

We moved into our home one year ago last April. We moved from a smaller home and smaller kitchen to a larger home and larger kitchen. So what's the problem you ask! Well since we have moved in we placed things where we thought they would be acccessed the best.  We also had a lot of space to just hide things.  I will be organizing these cupbards and utilzing the space we do have differently while still maintaining accessibility and acomplishing this with a budget of almost nothing.

Hmmm: what will I need?  How will I go about tackling this project?  What will make sense? Do I need organizers for drawers and cabinets?  They are long cabinets and deep what will make sense for them? Consider your budget Margo... Okay these are things I will ponder throughout this week! I will report what I came up with then.

I will not dare touch my fridge at this point.  That is a whole project in itself and warrants more time that I can give this week ( between being a full time working mother of two boys, a wife, planning parties and taking continuuing education courses to maintain my licensure) I am squeaking a little bit of time to declutter. 

HERE are pictures of the mess that I will be tackling during the rest of the week.  Thank goodness it is raining because otherwise I might procrasticnate while spending time with the kids outside enjoying the sunshine. However, I just heard the forecast says snow at low levels in the valley and given last week that may be true! So none the less join me again this second week of PROJECT SIMPLIFY 2012 Kitchen cabinets here we come!

(I hope to have the same enthusiasm later this week when I post the after pictures. Read along and see if I manage my goal.)

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