Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pretty Pantries vs. Functional ones?

Well I am officially working on week one's hot spot, THE PANTRY!  Monday evening I took the time I would normally spend watching T.V. to clean out and begin organizing the pantry. We moved into this house almost a year ago and my pantry has been an easy place to dump things and hide things when in a pinch.  But Monday came and here I was faced with something I have publicly announced I was going to partake in, "THE CHALLENGE." So I must proceed, were my thoughts. I can't fail!  I kept thinking that each week I will give up something that I enjoy to tackle these hot spots and turn this into my Lenten journey as well. ( I love to multitask!)

  1. Take visual stock of space and items
  2. Remove all OLD/UNUSED and NONE KITCHEN items
  3. Plan the shelves: Organize by type of food
  4. Ensure accessibility

So here goes.  I worked one shelf at a time. I utilized my island and the landing zone and cleaned out the pantry. Funny but my once packed pantry is now a organized, clean and usable pantry. Project accomplished so I thought. Wow and really in one evening! Who knew.  I wondered how I would spend my time the rest of the week. So I began researching.

Prior to joining  Project Simplify 2012, I have been a Pinterest junkie. I am always looking for ways to organize things.  I had not looked into what an organized pantry might look like and never searched for that topic either. But I typed into Pinterests search bar the words, "organized pantry" and found BEAUTIFUL pantries with glass jars, labels and pretty things.  So now I am spending the rest of the week planning my beautiful pantry. I don't know that I will accomplish that exact task but I will soon enough.

As promised I will take "after" pictures of the organized pantry. I will post those on Friday with yet another posting regarding this weeks hot spot, "the pantry."


  1. Wow sis! You are SOOO ahead of me on the Project Simplify. I love it! Can't wait to see the after picture. Did you end up throwing anything away?

    1. I did throw things away. I threw away several opened bags of pretzels, opened boxes of crackers that have been there for a year and a few other items that were empty. Funny how we just put things back in the pantry but not in the garbage!

  2. Hey! Now we can post comments (and nice work on the redesign here too, Margo!). I'm a fan of the pantry re-org too. Something must be in the air... I cleaned my office/shop after six months. So refreshing. Way to go on your latest challenge!

    PS - how can I get a regular RSS feed from this blog? It looks like they allow three reader brands, but not mine (Net News Wire). Maybe I have to use a Google product?

  3. Bob thanks.. I was trying to figure my blog thing out and realized after speaking with Amy that I was in the HTML version not the other so I can now easily redesign it! I decided to make it public as well. It is refreshing to clean and purge of items after a while. Thanks for the support. I sill look into the question you posed re: RSS feeds... I will get back to you.