Friday, March 16, 2012

A Rule Follower Breaks the Rules with Week Two! UGH.

Whew you know how those weeks that are full of things that you feel compelled to accomplish or are required to accomplish but you don't have enough time for it all?  Well that was my week two of Project Simplify.  I found that with a school board meeting on Monday which put me home at almost 9 pm that this week was going to go by quickly and I would have to figure out how to manage my time to get those things on my TO DO list completed.

My TO DO list:

  1. Clean and organize kitchen cabinets to see the MESS click BEFORE PICs
  2. Finish creating and making Shower Invitations
  3. Put together Lucky snacks for Friday preschool class to celebrate St. Patty's Day
  4. Work (meet budgeting deadlines)
  5. Mail shower invitations
  6. Spend time with the kids
  7. Order the Auction Project for my son's preschool class
  8. Everyday items and schedule

WHEW what a list. Having several meetings after school days which put me home later each day, being exhausted because of a 4 month old who gets up a few times a night (minus last night thank goodness only one time) and a 4 year old who got scared one time and finally the loss of an hour with daylight savings you could see that I wasn't getting much else done this week.

So this is what I have accomplished from my to do list.  I was able to complete and mail out three quarters of the Shower Invitations. 
Yeah! Homemade envelopes too!
Thursday evening I put together the St. Patty's Day treats for my son's preschool class and even one for his teacher and teacher assistant!

(He was so proud to give the treasures to them this morning!)

I definitely spent time with both kids! Ty and I  were able to work on our reading each day, even snuggled and watched some television! Caleb and  I spent lots of time gooing and gahing at each other playing with his excercise saucer and having tummy time! He is getting so strong, smiles and has much to say! Such great times but also adds to exhaustion.

Of course I had to work all week long and had extra meetings each day with exception  of today (Friday) which is a great thing. I also wa able to order the Auction Project for the preschoo class.  All of this was on top of what I would regularl do in my own day.  How did I find the time?

Well regarding my  Project WEEK TWO:  Kitchn Cabinets, this is where I let things slip a little bit.  I am not feeling good about it and plan to address more of these issues and hotspots this weekend a little bit.  So  item number one on my TO DO list indicated that there were before pics. If you clicked the link there you would notice that there were 8 cabinets out of many in my kitchen that I was going to focus on.  ( I still will focus on those that did not get done by today but probably on Saturday or Sunday of this weekend!) Of those 8 I was able to take a few minutes this morning and organize 4 of them.  50% not bad but I must admit that the four I tackled were the ones that did not require a lot of time. Like the remaining four do. But I guess that is one way of tackling a hot spot.  Work quickly on areas that you can accomplish quickly which helps build self satisfaction.  Here are the before pictures of the cabinets that were tackled this morning.


Then there was a mess inside that I took out! Amazing what I put into the cupboards.

Of course there has to be the after pics! 

I have bare cabinets. This is great! I have places for everything and it will help for sure when I move things around with other cabinets.  I find that once you move it takes a full year to get things placed exactly where you want them to be.  You also purge things that you seem to hold on to that made sense in the previous home but doesn't make sense for the current one!  Doesn't that feel good.

The remaining four cabinets will require more intensive and focused time devoted to the organization of those spots.  It will be done! It needs to be done and YES I will blog about it to show you it has been completed so that I can feel like a more satisfied person with myself.

It is difficult when you are a Type A person, a person who is a rule follower and who doesn't want to feel like a failure to not meet your own personal goals.  However, I am giving myself a little bit of a break because even through reflection and in writing this post I have completed a tremendous amount of things that are truly important and there is always time to build organization back into your life.  It is okay to complete the task partially at this point because you can always complete the other 50% of the project. The point is we are all busy and we are all proud to feel accomplishment.  Thank you Project Simplify ( for showing us how to live intentionally and focus our lives to some extent.  It has allowed me to continue reflection and be intentional with my time! (Even though I didn't finish what I wanted to finish). More later on hotspot number two! Look forward to sharing those wonderfully organized 4 remaining cabinets later on.

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  1. busy mamma! awesome job sis. those lucky charm treats are adorable. sometimes other things just take priority like goo-ing and gah-ing! totally in favor of that - let the other 50% sit as long as it needs to!