Saturday, March 31, 2012

One Shining Moment

We actually had one moment this Spring Break where the Williams' family were able to get out and enjoy a bit of our natural surroundings.  HIKING!  A favorite past time for our family (we haven't done in years).  We went out and captured the small and short moments of sun earlier this week.

We decided to go to Silver Falls State Park to hike around some waterfalls. We live so close we often forget about this beautiful place.  Of course there was still some residual snow, and large branches down, as well as some closed trails due to the recent March snowfalls, but we were happy to feel the sun on our faces and enjoy a bit of the outdoors!

The South Falls is a great easy hike. You can get up close, walk underneath and be as far back as this upper photo was taken. You can still feel the spray.  It is an easy hike for little ones too. My four year old was excited about this.

This is the top of the falls. We are right by the edge, (behind a fence of course) we enjoyed seeing the water rush over and did not want to get too close. We were being very careful.  We crossed a few bridges and decided we wanted to go underneath the falls or at least the two boys and I.  

A bit blurry but you can see  we hiked down into a cave underneath the falls. My four year old did not want to get too close to the rickety bar fence so he was gripping my hand. Of course we got wet from the waterfall and were waiting for daddy to give us the "okay" that he had taken a few pictures.  He is still learning how to use my long lens.  Look at the green moss too! With all of the wet weather we are having it's a wonder that there isn't more that is hanging from the caves.  

See the tree covering the walk way to the bridge. My son kept telling his dad to, "help mom!" Such a great and caring boy.  So, though I could make it over the branches of the tree myself, my wonderful husband gave me a helping hand over the trees, each and every time! Thank you honey!  Of course Ty wanted to wear my hat. See how cute he is in the WSU Cougar hat.  So love it. Maybe he will follow in my footsteps and go to school there.  We are already having conversations about college. Not necessarily the one I went to but what it is and what you can bring.  Ty wants to know if you can bring your toys... hmm.. I am sure you could... but maybe you would have different toys than what you have now is my response.  

In any case, we had a wonderful time being silly, walking, running, seeing the snow, trying to stay warm and enjoying the outdoors as a family. Even the little sock monkey did too! Thank you SUN for the little time that you shone for us to enjoy this particular Spring Break!

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