Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DIY Homemade Envelopes!

Recently I had a blast making Baby Shower invitations. I loved the research regarding themed invitations ours was the Build a Baby a Library theme, and loved making them. Once I had them made I realized I really didn't have any envelopes and really didn't want to go out and purchase any (as I am trying to stay on a budget these days much like many of us. Have you seen the prices at the pumps?).

I thought I could make my own.  So I starting taking stock of what I had around the house.  I knew I had paper, scrap book paper would make it cute and I had many sizes and colors.  I had glue and scissors. I needed to size my invitations and make a card stock template (for durability).  I searched on line for templates and even looked on Pinterest.  I found several but none that fit the size I was looking for. (AND I am not really that good on sizing up or down it just seemed like too much work.  I did however look in my basket of left over envelopes, you know the odd number of envelopes you sometimes get when you buy a box of thank you cards, Christmas cards or any other seasonal box of cards. I picked through there and found a perfect match!
I carefully peeled the envelope apart and traced it onto the card stock paper and made my own template.
The product was perfect. Look at the variety of colors and I had matching paper for cards or notes for future envelope needs. These were the perfect envelopes for the Baby Shower invitations! The cost was relatively cheap because I had most of the supplies already purchased, but I bet you could do these for under $20.00 total.

Items needed:
  1. Scrapbook paper ( I used 12x12 paper) 
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue stick
  4. Template (preferably on card stock)
  5. Pencil for tracing
  6. TIME
Once you have gathered all of your supplies begin tracing the template onto the back side of your scrap book paper (meaning print side face down). If you have two sided decorative paper choose the side you want to show and put that one face down. 

Once you have traced the template place an arrow at the bottom pointing to the top so you know which end is the end you will seal the envelope before mailing.

Cut around the template. Fold both side flaps toward the middle, take the bottom part and fold up towards the middle and reopen to put glue around that flap. 

Make sure to fold the top flap down getting a nice crease and leave open until you are ready to seal with your written notes, invitations or whatever you are mailing, inside.  

Now I used regular glue stick to seal the top down when I was finished and was ready to mail. However, you could purchase liquid sealant at your local craft store (which is the stuff you lick on real envelopes) but I didn't want to purchase that! Why lick something when you have glue!

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