Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break Means Spring Cleaning: The Final Hotspot!

Okay everyone, not only do I have the magnet project beginning this week but I am finishing up the Project Simplify Challenge for 2012 that has charged us with.  I loved this project so much I think I am going to continue to institute some of this decluttering challenge within my blogging on a monthly basis rather than a weekly one.

This weeks hot spot is one of our choosing. What will you choose?  I have chosen my OFFICE (really my arch nemesis).  Take a look at the utter clutter.

As you can see I have too many projects going on to be able to be organized. I have decorations for my sisters baby shower that are partially completed. I have scrap book stuff on the floor and in the scrap book bin. There is the stash away something on the table with picture frames underneath to put away and figure out what do with. AND last but NOT least my computer area which is where I blog, pay bills, complete my work from home as well as my online continuing education course work.  Not the most organized room for sure.  A place where my husband and I need to share and have functionality!

I think this is what happens when you go from a house without an office to a house with an office? Maybe that is this weeks excuse not sure. But we will take care of the mess. I am sure I can get some of my family to help out since we are home for Spring Break!

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