Monday, April 9, 2012

Catching up on #photoadayApril

Life sometimes gets in the way of things that you want to do when you are a mother of two boys, a wife and full time work-a-holic. Now that the Easter weekend to do list and relaxation is over, I am getting back into the grove of my blog and normal to do's!

Today I am catching up on the #photoadayApril challenge.  I am completing day 5, subject: Lunch, day 8, subject: In My Wallet and today Day 9, subject: Younger You.

Day 5, Subject: Lunch

Well I can say that I am trying to be healthier in terms of what I eat. I definitely have a sweet tooth and totally love carbs.  That being said I always have trouble with packing my lunch. I think it would be much easier to go out to eat rather than worry about one more thing in the morning, which is funny because this morning I was all about getting my son's lunch together and he doesn't even have school (Easter Monday holiday for the Catholic schools).  So here's what I came up with...

Two Fruitable drinks, two Nutri-Grain bars, 1 applesauce, two hard-boiled eggs, and a bag of apples.  I have two of everything because one set will be my dinner tonight as well (school board meeting). Again need to work on the lighting with this photo. I really would prefer bright natural light but when I shot with the natural light in the house it was too dark. Hard to do at 7 am I would say.

Day 8, Subject: In My Wallet

Boy my wallet is a mess! I think I have receipts from as far back as a year ago. Time to clean. Thanks to this challenge it will quickly get done today.

Seriously does anyone have any tips for lighting. Back to the blog reading I go as well as my book on the Nikon. I am practicing and shooting mainly with the Aperture setting and messing around with my speeds. Lighting is an area of need to improve upon.

Day 9, Subject: Younger You

I thought long and hard about how to shoot this subject. The easier way would be to take an older photo of myself and scan it and then upload it but I have been really trying to take pictures with my camera and not really cheat. So how could I go back in time to get this shot?  

Here's how I did it. I dug through a million photographs of when I was younger and landed on these two. One from high school i.e., cheerleader pose, and let me say I know I probably couldn't do that pose now so many odd years later, the other from early college years when I attended Washington State University, Pullman, GO COUGS!   I planned to lay them down and take a photograph of the pictures.  I think it turned out well. I used my shorter lens, had to position the subject out of the lighting (note to self learn more about that area of photography) and wallah here it is a photography of my Younger Me!

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