Monday, April 2, 2012

Subject: Colour #photoadayApril

Day 2 of April is a photograph capturing colour.  I never understood the reason for the spelling difference between color and colour. Maybe it had something to do with the origin of the word?  During these dreary, wet, wet, wet, days.. I mean build an ark wet days, there is hardly color to capture. Flowers that should have been blooming are not vibrant but rather wilted and dilapidated. The sun is rarely shining long enough to snap a picture. Maybe you might be able to find and capture a picture of a rainbow but haven't found that one yet. So I planned to create my own colour.

As we are entering the Holy week, the end of the week being Easter, is steadily approaching.  What a great time for COLOR. Immediately I think of dying Easter Eggs, colorful Easter baskets, vibrant candies (jelly beans), flowers and more.  A time of celebration though, none of those things above is the real reason we celebrate Easter that is the commercial version. The religious version for many like myself is that Jesus is Risen!

So what could I capture with my camera this time that would describe the colour that I see through my lenses? How about glitter pens! Not as bright as I would of liked. I tried this with my camera phone instead of my Nikon DSLR... good for an android.  iPhone next I think!

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  1. I wanna see how you would take this photo with your real camera. You could take a photo and update this post to compare/contrast!