Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Did You Know Goggles Come in Different Flavors?

Swim Lessons began!

Yesterday we were super excited to have our oldest son begin swim lessons again! AGAIN. We stopped swim lessons last May (almost one year ago) because of the agonizing time he was having.  Teacher after teacher one night to the next, no consistency for a shy boy does not mix well. So a break we took. AND

YEAH! The first night was a success.  We switched some things up a bit! We signed up for the group lessons at a local gym but at 7pm instead of the 4:30pm.  It was really difficult to get home from work pick the kid up and head to the swim lessons on time. Now with Little No. 2 it really wouldn't work. I am not that super organized yet as a mother.  So seven at night it is. We purchased a new set of goggles that smell like grape flavor. Weird but he liked it!

Secondly, because it is at 7 at night DADDY can make it.  So it would not be so stressful (should there be issues) for me to deal with not one but two kids at the pool! What a help that was.  AND

Lastly, my son was requesting to go to swim lessons.  I figured since he was requesting it on his terms, his timeline, he had buy in and we were going to have less issues.  I also figured that he is one year older, and though he still is shy he is used to teachers, substitutes (minimally) and following instructions in a formal setting. He also LOVES being around other kids his age! Let's do this.

During the session he followed all the instructions, he completed tasks and will probably graduate soon to the next level.  He remembered quite a bit from the last time he was there and was able to demonstrate it.  He pouted once or twice towards the end because he didn't want to float on his back again and would have rather popped into the hot tub to warm up.  He jumped in the water with holding hands, without holding hands and even was able to complete 5 bobs with bubbles out of his nose.  A success I tell you.

I found myself applauding and smiling and feeling proud. My husband did too! Even Little No. 2 screamed, cooed and smiled during the lessons.  Pretty soon he will be old enough to join in the parent tot class.  Can't wait for that.  So all in all a success.

Lessons Learned

Children will do things when they are ready, despite our efforts to move them forward. We must recognize that as parents to sometimes listen to their behavior as an indicator and make adjustments accordingly.  Children want boundaries, want safety nets, and also want freedom to explore and learn from mistakes.  It is hard to know when to give and take and mostly we do what we can do that makes sense at that time for our children. Sometimes it is wrong and we learn from it and other times it is a success! Till next swim lesson!

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