Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Tip or Two.


I have been spending a few free and I mean a very few free moments doing research on beginner photography tips. I am teaching myself about my camera that I have had now for three years. I have a few lenses and things and just feel compelled to be a better photographer. I am tapping into my creative side in a variety of ways, crafting, DIY projects, completing challenges, organizing, and planning events/parties.  Pinterest is an addiction for sure.

The Power of the Internet

I stumbled upon and am loving the articles I have read.  It is funny how reading something on a .com or a blog brings you to "pinteresting" places.  One read has a link, you click and stumble across someone's fantastic blog which then has another blog link or article link and so on and so forth.  The POWER of the internet. I might add that it is amazing the differences in ideas that are presented out there as well as how interconnected we all seem to be.


As you know, if  you have been following the blog postings recently, I am enjoying the #photoadayApril challenge by Fat Mum Slim .  It has been fun and I am sure going to become more challenging but I am up for it.  The challenge is not only around taking a photograph of the daily subject but threefold for me.

It is a challenge for me to become more proficient and educated around my camera usage
It is a challenge for me to continue to find balance being a working mother and enjoying my own things.
It is the challenge of blogging and taking a photograph of the daily subject.
I am feeling compelled to share what I have learned but feeling pretty vulnerable as well. Isn't life just like that. It is a good thing that I have thick skin and can put myself out there, try almost anything and come away  with the notion that I am more confident in my abilities. I sometimes  surprise myself.    So this morning I found as I have previously stated and stumbled upon two articles that I actually had time to read. I will probably re-read them just for better understanding (and of course have my camera by my side). 

The first article was titled: Advice for Aspiring Professional Photographers by Jill Sloffer Photography.  Now I really don't consider myself a professional photographer by any means, I have had no formal training, but I do know that I love taking photos, I love great looking and intricate photos and I WANT to get better. So nothing lost by reading this article.  Take a look it reminded me to stay true to myself, feel no pressure, that I am an individual and need not compare myself to others and that practice will only make me better (of course it is good to have a plan!).  By the way I loved the photos that were used in this article.  So I took a look at WOW I am in awe.  

The second article was titled Photo Composition Tips by Susan Keller of  Susan Keller Photography out of Orange County, California.  I should remember to tell my good friend about this photographer since she lives in Orange County, CA.   This article focused primarily on using ordinary things as frames for your actual subject. For example when I had my wedding photo's taken almost 8 years ago now, the photographer shot pictures through the grape vines in the vineyard framing my husband and I.  Super cute.  Love the tips.  I will be practicing this tip for the next few photographs for the #photoadayApril.  

What tip(s) have you found and what have you learned that you can share with me and our readers?  Leave a comment and share.

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