Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cute Easter Fun with PEEPS!

Anyone love PEEPS?  I do and not afraid to say it. I love them, I eat them and the best part about them is that there are PEEPS for every holiday season now.  I actually watched on the Food Network one time the history of making PEEPS fascinating I should say.

Okay so I love pinterest and love two of my favorite places. I love to pin ideas and then try them which inevitably leads me to a new creative blog that I love and then follow.  I think it could get out of control so I am trying to slow it down a bit. But when the creative juices flow or I see the cutest idea that I just have to try there's no stopping me! I found a blog that was featured on a few weeks back for their cute little idea for a quick Easter gift! I fell in love with it. So I checked out the blog called Bloom !  What a perfect gift. So I tired it out and LOVED the Free Printable that she emailed to me.
Here is the project.

I am not the owner of this creative idea but I did love using this idea and free printable to complete the project. Mine has a slight item variation "edible grass" as opposed to using Green Apple Big League Chew as the grass in the bucket. However as I am thinking about it, it might have been easier using something a bit heavier than the edible grass I found.  But absolutely love this crafty idea.

Items Needed:

  1. Peeps  (flat bunnies not the bird shaped)
  2. Edible Grass or you could use Big League Chew (green apple flavored)
  3. Clear plastic buckets (found at local craft store)
  4. Label (provided to me via email request from Bloom a free printable) or make one of your own.


Peeps:  2 pkgs for $3
Buckets: 2 for $6
Edible Grass: $1.20
Label: Free if you make or find a free printable for personal use

Total: $10.20 plus time (less than a half hour for sure)

Special thank you to Bloom for the use of the printable and ideas! I hope his teacher likes the gift. I am sure she will. Of course this will be posted after she receives the gift so as to not spoil the surprise.  

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