Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Gem or Two!

Magnets. I promised a post about DIY magnets. I have completed a first set to share and a couple of tips for sure. I set out last week to complete a DIY project but had many others (still do) to complete so this project took a bit of a back seat. I think we call that prioritization. 

I am so proud of these cute little country looking magnets.  I made a few sets of different colors. Now I am good to go to make my own DIY magnet board to post.  Thinking of making a command center for the house. You know a place where when we walk in with the mail we can put that (instead of on the counter where it sits for a few days) and a place where messages can be posted or reminders about appointments. I saw something about a cookie sheet magnet board but I am thinking that might be too small for me.. So I have a few other ideas I will share soon enough.  

So for this particular project you will need the following items.

  •  E-600 Adhesive, 
  • paper or stickers (we used both), 
  • glass gems (can find anywhere but the cheapest place is the dollar store), 
  • scissors & pencil
  • some magnets
  • Modge Podge

The first thing you need to do is pick out the paper or sticker and decoration that you want to see through the gem. 

Once you have that trace around each individual gem separately as they are all different shapes and sizes. 

Then use the Modge Podge and paint it onto the design (paper, sticker drawing etc.) Place the appropriate glass gem on top and press making sure that the bubbles and glue of the Modge Podge spreads evenly.  Let this dry for a while.

Once dry pick the glass Gem up and paint Modge Podge on the back  to seal the design onto the gem. Let dry. Repeat the process three times.

When the item is dry take your E-6000 adhesive (found at local hardware stores, Bi-Mart for about $4.99) and put a small dab on the back of the gem, placing the magnet on the back and let dry for an hour. Wallah you have a DIY easy and cute magnet for your refrigerator or command center.

My son decided to make a set of Cars (the movie) magnets for our fridge. They are cute. He enjoyed this project with the exception of having to wait for things to dry. Thus is the life of a four year old! But he is really proud of his creation.


  1. I love this idea. Could even take paper mementos from travels and make magnets from it to record travel/vacation memories!

  2. I like that idea Amy thanks for sharing too!