Wednesday, April 18, 2012

#photoadayApril Hair?

Day 18

As I am planning ahead for each photo snap shot for the #photoadayApril challenge there are some subjects that I have to either think too much about how to represent or really just don't have an interest in taking that photo. Though I am amazed at what others are doing to represent those subjects and then that stimulates a bit more creativity for me.  

Today's subject is HAIR. How boring.  Do you just take a picture of someone's hair?  I would if it were really intricate, something I'd never seen before like some sort of braid or up do.  But again I don't live in a place where you would see that every day and I don't really have time to spend to search for that.  I did see an elderly woman the other day in Costco with dark blue hair. My husband made a comment about it.  I think it takes all kinds these days.  

So here's what I happened across.

The Merry Go Round.  Check out this girls hair! It is being pulled by the centripetal force of the spinning Merry Go Round.  I don't know this little one so I decided not to take a picture of her face or anyone else's here.  So that is why her face is cut off.. I wanted to focus more on her hair but it was hard to take shots with the movement.  

For this picture I switched from JPEG to NEF. I used the movement setting and higher shutter speed to take multiple pictures faster. I felt like the paparazzi.  A parent actually said, "That's a NICE camera!" Of course I thanked him and felt a little bit cool until I saw the REAL photographer taking senior photographs of a girl in high school on the covered bridge in our park.  It just inspired me to learn more about my camera. I haven't been able to finish the book I am reading about the D90 but plan to soon and impart some of my learning with the readers.  

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