Thursday, April 5, 2012

Droplets #photoadayApril Day 5

I have been trying to think about how I would capture "tiny" as a subject in a photograph.  I guess this is where creativity meets individuality.  I woke up this morning to the words snow again thinking my husband was joking because it is April and a few days before Easter my mind thought well maybe I could practice slower shutter speed and capture and individual snowflake.  But when I looked outside I saw just slush on the grass so that ideas was tossed out.

Ah.. look around you what is tiny?  Then it occurred to me that on every blade of grass or plant that I have in my yard there is a few tiny droplets of water.  Okay there's the idea that is what i will shoot. I choose to use my big lens and mess with the focus and aperture setting again. I am practicing from the few articles I have read and recently blogged about.

This picture is a little bit darker than I would have liked but it is early in the morning when I took this photo. I might try again later today.

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