Friday, April 13, 2012

How Will You Appreciate Teachers?

As we are quickly approaching the first week of May, (CRAZY how time flies), I am thinking of ideas for a gift for my son's preschool teacher.  It is teacher appreciation time. I know we should be appreciating teachers more often than just one time a year, (and BELIEVE me this family does), but it is nice to have a week dedicated to supporting our teachers.

As an educator myself it is not about the pay, (though it is a basic need to survive these days), but it is about the passion we have to instill a love for education, love of learning and the desire to impact our youth in a positive way that we (educators) embark on this challenging ever changing task.  So what kinds of gifts will you give? DIY'ers might want to make a gift. It certainly doesn't need to be expensive or even purchased for that matter.

There are many ideas floating around on Pinterest, different blogs and I will highlight a few here that I have read about and think are positively adorable. Still not sure what my son will do. I would like his to be something that he had a part in making.  Will we do a gift for ever day of the week during the week of teacher appreciation in May, but we will play that by ear as we get nearer to the time and see what we have completed. Of course I will post blogs about what ideas we are embarking upon!

Cute Ideas/Crafty Ideas/DIY Ideas

Check out this link
Here you will find a variety of different ideas for homemade teacher appreciation gifts, tutorials, freebies and more. You can even find free printables (my favorite) for some of the ideas.  I especially like the edible gifts they have features.  I stumbled upon this website haphazardly but love it and you can link up to it as well.

Other ideas:

Magnets (just made a set)
Cups filled with drink packets ( you can personalize)
Make a bag and use it as your gift bag
Create note paper and envelopes (check out DIY resources pages for envelopes)
Framed Monogram letter (made out of cork, pencils, crayons get creative)
Apple and caramel with a cute little tag note to the teacher.

Really just take a look at pinterest boards and you will find a plethora of ideas.  Hit my pinterest tab at the top of the blog and follow my teacher appreciation board!

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