Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stairs.... #photoadayApril day 12

Okay so I am a little bit far behind (so is the life of a mom), but I found time during this beautiful day to snap some shots and begin catching up.

The subject... Stairs...
There are so many different types of stairs.  Today I took my four year old to the park (as promised for helping me in the yard) and so I snapped a few different styles of stairs.  Here goes.

We were at the park  and there are stairs... Not the most beautiful looking stairs as they are brown metal.  But stairs none the less.  Above is my son gettng ready to run down the stairs of the play structure. 

I was amazed at what the play structure offers in terms of stairs.  Check this out.

A simulated rock wall (i.e., stairs to climb)..

And he did it! My son and I had a great date at the park. He climbed, I shot some pictures and there were lots of kiddos around with their parents.  There was some time spent on the Merry Go Round as well. I think he was super dizzy when he got off because he was almost walking in circles.  

I had some other ideas about taking some shots of stairs in Silverton, Oregon and up in Mt. Angel near the Abbey. Maybe next time I will make more time. But as it is thus is the life of a mom~!

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