Saturday, April 7, 2012

Me and My Shadow #photoadayApril

My Shadow

I love taking pictures of shadows. I am sure I have a few favorites from the beach as well. Luckily today there was a lot of sun shining when I was taking the picture of my own shadow.  Take a look.

I took this pic with my larger lens and probably could have gotten a better longer body shot with a shorter lens but this is what I got. I am getting ready for Easter which means boiling eggs, cleaning and keeping my four year old busy with mundane things until the 1 pm Easter Egg hunt at our local park.  Oh the excitement of it all.

Here are a few other shadow pictures I shot with my digital canon small camera by no means a professional camera but a great point and shoot.  Love pictures like this from the beach. Taken at Seaside with my sister and son walking towards the water!

I took this today as well.  This is a shadow of one of our trees in our back yard. I like how it looks against the green grass.  

I am enjoying the #photoadayApril challenge. I have only missed one day and that subject was Lunch. I am sure to pick that up sometime in the near future. I will also be posting all of my pictures to my pinterest board as well.  

This challenge is forcing me to carry my camera, read and be intentional about what settings I am using etc. I really enjoy digital cameras because the best part is that if you have a really unfocused or blurred photo that you don't like or it wasn't what you wanted to capture you can delete them.  I am looking into photo software as well. Any suggestions on what to look for and why?

Post a comment would love to hear from you all.

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