Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Weekend of Firsts!

The Weekend

What a fabulous weekend. And I must say this was the most stress free weekend I have had in a long time! Despite my sleep deprivation and the fact that I have been rather moody because of it I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend. I was able to spend time with my boys. 

We dyed Easter Eggs, went on Easter egg hunts, cleaned the house, vegged out and watched some T.V., completed some yard work, and enjoyed the park together. There's nothing I could ask for that would top this time!


Today was one of those firsts that you write down in your journals if you keep them, or rather blog about it since most of us are now functioning within the digital age. Today's first, and a moment I am rather proud of, is that we (my husband, and two kids) were able to sit in the pew at church in the actual church not in the cry room (like we normally do) and participate in our Easter service like many other families with small children do.  I was so proud.  My oldest son did a great job of keeping quiet, not so much staying still, but quiet none the less. He did a great job of reciting the prayers that he knows (from his preschool class) and found many of his friends with their parents at this particular service.  I was especially proud because not only were we up at 5 am  to conduct our first inspection of what the Easter bunny brought him but we had already consumed a little (tiny bit) of candy before coming. It was also the 8 am service and we needed to get there early.  There were around 300 people at the 8 am service.

My four year old also was able to walk up the isle to the priest during communion and remembered to put his hand over his heart (indicating that he has not yet gone through the sacrament of First Communion) and was respectful during the blessing the Father gave him! He is growing up and thought he gives his father and I a run for our money at times, he is a great kid who is learning and growing up quickly.

Our second son, who is now beginning his 5th month of life, was also very attentive and then of course slept after being rocked by my husband for a while.  He was super cute today during church, when awake, he was staring at the fans up in the rafters of our church building. We made it through the service and headed home to prepare our Easter meal.


  We were fortunate to have some parts of our family over for our Easter meal.  Our supper consisted of my husbands wonderfully interesting ham recipe (which includes rum,gingersnaps, mustard and some other ingredients) a new Italian Sweet Bread recipe I tried (so good), Green Bean Casserole, a favorite, mashed potatoes and dessert. Uncle Mike and Papa Johnny stopped by and stayed for a while. It was wonderful to enjoy their company in a rather relaxing way.  We just hung out, played, ate and talked.  It was great.

  Uncle Mike even graced us with his trick bike moves, while my husband showed of his "high" jump skills to our four year old who felt compelled to "be like him" and jump off of our brick pillars out in front of our house.

 Needless to say, thankfully, no one got hurt.  Oh these boys will give me more grey hair than I will know what to do with, (thank goodness I have a great hair dresser)! Yeah to a great weekend (and many more to come)!

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