Tuesday, April 24, 2012

They Are All Important


What are you most grateful for and how would you capture that in a photograph?   That is the subject of today's #photoadayApril challenge by FatMumSlim.  So do you have an answer?  I have pondered this for a few days in order to be prepared to present a cool and neat photo.  I made a list of things I am MOST grateful for and here's what I came up with.

Ten Things Most Grateful For

  1. My husband and two boys
  2. Life (being able to breathe each morning)
  3. New experiences (because they change you somehow)
  4. My faith
  5. GOOD friends (no fake BS please)
  6. My Job (because I am employed and able to provide not like much of the world today)
  7. Flowers (brings smiles to my face and beauty around me)
  8. Time (with my kids to watch and enjoy them grow)
  9. My relationship with my sister ( has grown over the years and she is my BEST friend)
  10. Love (the ability to share that with my family has been priceless)

How do you take photos of these things to represent them? Not sure. AND how do you pick just one?

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