Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mail? Snail Mail or Email?

Ah the mail a wonderful daily routine of walking to the box across the street with our number on it.  I like snail mail though most of it is just advertising or "junk mail".  It is rare that we receive an old fashioned letter. Though today my kids did from their Aunt! So exciting for them.  We read it together.  Email seems to be where it is at these days. My husband and I love and hate email.  We just had a conversation about emails on our way to work yesterday about how many emails we both would return to since we were off for a week. He beat me with over 300 emails and I was happy with my 55 (didn't break 100). There is definitely an efficiency about email but most often as with the over 300 emails people either reply all when not necessary, or they use it like a Twitter or Facebook, providing everyone their status update at work which is not really a good use of their time or anyone else's.  So I vote for both email and snail mail but I fear the latter will continue to slowly disappear.
Mail #1

Day three of #photoadayApril! The subject is Mail.  I pondered this quickly this morning and made sure to grab my camera to take to work (Spring Break is over and I'm back to the grind!).  Today was a gloriously warm (65 degrees) and sunny moderately cloudy day. I spent a lot of my time looking out of my huge office windows at the office today. I forced myself to go get a cup of coffee or really just take a drive for a moment to enjoy the change in weather.  It felt GREAT!
Mail #2

I took my camera out of the bag and put around my neck (you never know when you will find that special shot) and off I began to drive.  I pass by two different postal offices in small towns and had  few ideas about what I might take a shot at.  I was reading about Aperture last night and thought I would practice using that setting and different ISO settings as well. See what I came up with. But wouldn't you know it...... I left my memory card (sandisk) in my computer at home.

Mail #3

So pictures would have to wait.  I thought about using my camera phone but the android (though I have loved my phone) is no where near the new iPhone and I was not satisfied with my last picture that I posted yesterday check out that posting.. #photoadayApril Color

Mail #4

I arrived home and had a few minutes to walk across the street to pick up the mail. My mind set was to not take a picture of something so literal as the "actual" mail. But I resorted to doing just that.  Here are four shots of the 50 that I took.  These were the best. I was using the aperture setting, playing around with flash vs no flash and was using my Nikon DX 18-55mm lens for this particular series of shots.

Let me know what you think post a comment. 

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  1. Yay! for mail. I like the lighting - was it natural light?