Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Opposite of Up is Down!

Up versus Down

I am always loooking at angles and how to take photos that include depth.  Recently while at the beach I was sitting on our blanket and my husband was standing near me with Little No Two strapped on him in the carrier and I snaped a photo looking up.  I thought to myself how tall he was looking in the lens.

#photoadayApril Day 25 photograph

Today the photo needs to capture "looking down."   It just so happens that while at the beach we took photos looking down at our feet in the water.  Here is that photo.

I have been trying to snap a photo a day but today I was not able to. Work is getting pretty busy and there is lots to do with massive change that we are all bracing for.  Though I carry my camera I was not able to use it. So the next best thing!

Practice Makes Perfect (photos that is)

I have reviewed the many photos I have taken with my Nikon D90 and am encouraged that the more photos and reading I do the better the photographs become.  Sometimes I get lucky! Sometimes it is intentional.  I love the fact that I can delete photos on the spot too and try again. Soon I will be sharing some more easy tips that I have "stumbled" across through my readings and photo challenge. So stay tuned.

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