Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Nook...

Where do you eat breakfast?

I guess it is all relative. There are days that I actually sit down and eat breakfast at a kitchen table or at our kitchen bar. Other days I eat breakfast in my car or at my desk at work. I don't eat very much breakfast. I love  L.O.V.E. my coffee though. So here's where I ate breakfast (really where I drank my coffee) today.

I wanted to make this photo a little more interesting than just  a shot of my cofee mug sitting on the table. With this shot I practiced framing my subject using something else. For example the subject is the coffee mug sitting on the table and it is framed by the slats of the chair.  Notice the blurr of the chair slats and the crisper look of the coffee mug.  I think did a great job again using the aperature setting and a lower ISO speed.   #photoadayApril day 11 completed!

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