Friday, April 27, 2012

Week of the Auction


This week is the week of my son's school's auction that raises money for their school. It has been fun being part of the school this year as a parent of a preschooler! I have been able to spend time volunteering (occasionally), donating time to help with the advertisement of the annual green sale, and now being able to work with the preschool classroom students on their project that will be auctioned off this Saturday evening!

The preschool teacher and I collaborated on the project.  She told me what was made in years past and how much money the products brought in.  I set my goals and set them high. I want to bring in at least 200-300$ on this project.  We shall see. Maybe it will bring in more! Wouldn't that be exciting.

We decided to focus on the little hands of the little preschoolers with a focus on the alphabet! We pulled ideas off of pinterest but added a twist.  The website E is for Explore!offered up this little idea that pulled from 26 different blogs (a few items of the 26 were photo shopped) the hand prints.  We decided the lesson would be around exploring the alphabet where each student would create one or two hand print pictures on 8x8 crafting paper (different colored backgrounds).

I then had a friend of mine (thank you Heather) who is a graphics designer by trade, mother 24/7 of two boys, take all 26 creations (scanned to her) and pull them together using a special software program to resize, add lettering, and of course the kiddos names so that I could send to Costco's photo center and order a 24x32 unframed canvas print.  This project would be auctioned off. Take a look!

The kids had a great time. They loved researching these ideas on the iPAD, loved getting their hands messy with paint and they all followed directions really well. It showed because the final product is great!  Everyone who has seen it has made comment as to how lovely it is.  I am excited to see how it does at the auction this Saturday and hope that many of the preschool parents show up to bid on it. I am a proud "mama" of this project and really want to see it do well.  Of course I will bid on it.  This project would be great for any kids room!

The other day ALL of the classroom auction projects were displayed for viewing for this entire week! The idea is to show to those parents during times that they are in the buildings the lovely creations their children had a HAND in creating.  I think ours will fair well! Though I am partial it is different than the others.  It is modern and I would buy it!

Take a look at these projects (please know there are more than one project displayed in each picture).

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