Friday, April 6, 2012

Two Dogs & A Cat.


Two of my favorite buddies and really my first two kids! Jake and Cali are our two labs. They are just as much a part of this family as our cat Bailee and the kids. 

Let me introduce Jake.


These are our three other kids. Really our first attempt at being parents was to care for these animals. Before I met my husband I had two cats. Smokey and Bailee (pictured here) Bailee is 12 years old.  She has outlived Smokey Rose who was by the way a boy cat and the coolest cat in the world! He owned the place, loved to sit on your lap and walked about with a tail sticking high in the air and a curve at the top much like a question mark.  He was fabulous.  He died three days before we were married.  

We  did however include his paw print as well as Bailee's and Jake's on our sign that was attached to our car the day we got married! That sign still graces many a wedding with that particular car! So his memory lives on!

Animals become part of our families the minute we choose them. We were blessed to have chosen Jake our Master hunting dog. He spent what I call many years being educated to be a hunting dog. He is Byron's best friend and the best docile dog otherwise!  Cali is my dog. Of course I picked both out, but Cali has been my bud for a while. She is kind of a hyper dog but very protective of our family and fun to play with.

Bailee is a great cat. Once Smokey passed, she became more social. Now she won't leave us alone. The kids both like all of our animals and they are great with both of them.  It will be hard should any one of these guys pass on but we have captured many memories over the years.

How many animals do you have? Are they part of your family?  Love to hear from you! Post a comment.

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